Li-Cor Ambient Light

Li-Cor Ambient Light Sensor for Hydrolab Water Quality Sensors

Hydrolab's Ambient Light sensor, also called a Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensor, provides a measurement of sunlight intensity at a specified point in the water column.

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  • Available as a single PAR sensor or a dual-PAR sensor for applications in which a surface light sensor is needed for reference measurement
  • Available in flat or spherical form depending on the desired light measurements
  • Provides a real-time measurement of sunlight intensity, which influences biota that rely on photosynthesis for nutrition
  • When PAR is measured using a multiprobe, measurements from the water column and the surface integrate with the rest of the data stream or logging record
Li-Cor Ambient Light
Range 0 ... 10,000 µmol s-1m-2
Accuracy ± 5% of reading
Resolution 1 µmol s-1m-2
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