Sutron HSPALink 2-Way Logging Transmitter

Multi-Sensor Input Logger with HPSA Com and WiFi Capability

Multi-Sensor Input Logger plus flexible, economical 2-Way HSPALink now has WiFi capability for complete station set-up & data access.

  • WiFi, USB-Host, Cellular, Data Logger
  • HPSA Data logger with built-in Wifi for easy communication to the logger from the Sutron Mobile application
  • SDI-12, RS485
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Easy-to-use Software includes setup program.
Terminal strip with screw terminals for I/O and power connections
Operates 8-16VDC
TCXO real-time clock with battery backup (+/-4ppm)
Built-in solar panel regulator
Support for up to 16 measurements of the following inputs:

  • SDI-12/RS485 (shared as is done in the Bubbler)
  • 5 Analog inputs:
    1. Two (2) single ended inputs (range 0-5V)
    2. Two (2) differential inputs (range +/-39mv, +/-312mV, +/-2.5V) 3. One (1) 4-20mA input
  • 2 digital inputs. They can be used for tipping bucket, frequency, and on/off inputs
  • internal temperature
  • Battery voltage

Options to average or accumulate any measurement.
Lightning protection (Gas Tube) on all external inputs.
User specified equation on any measurement .
User specified alarm detection on any measurement.
2 LED for verification/diagnostics.
Log capacity of 240K of data accessible via GPRS and direct connect
Switched Battery Output
Also operates as a standalone recorder without Telemetry
USB slave for serial connection to PC. THE USB PORT WILL NOT SUPPORT typical USB devices like memory sticks, modems, etc.
RealTime Clock operates with internal lifetime battery
1 Open collector digital output
Switched 12 volt output


Advanced Features

Equation processing & multiple level averaging
GUI Interface for intuitive programming (See LinkComm)
Command-line interface for operation without custom programs
Separate schedules for each measurement
Upgrade firmware via USB.
Supports SDI-12, Analog, 4-20ma input
Switched Power Output w/overload protection & Digital Output
Gas Tube Protection on Inputs
Max min or average computations on measurements
LED operational status feedback
WiFi access point (IEEE 802.11 b/g) with selectable Auto-Time-Out or Always-On modes

HSPA Telemetry Benefits

Periodic transmissions at user-set times with data in user-selectable format (pseudobinary B, C, SHEF & ASCII)
Supports primary/secondary stations via HSPA
Alarm transmissions as they are detected
Diagnostics track data amount sent & telemetry performance
Supports up to 2 outputs (1 digital & 1 switched battery) for remote commands
Optional message authentication for insuring a trusted source & for messages sent to SutronWIN via HSPAIncoming SMS transmissions if HSPA fails or in place of HSPA
Extremely affordable
HSPA uses 3.5G cellular technology to provide higher data speeds compared to GPRS



  • Surface Water Level, Flow & Quality
  • Groundwater Level & Quality
  • Offshore X-Linking
  • Mining / Geotechnical
  • Weather X-Linking & Warning
  • Oceanic X-Linking & Warning
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Any Low-Power, Remote Data Acquisition System