OTT WAD 200 - Weighing Rain Gauge

Weighing rain gauge with automatic drain

The OTT WAD 200, a weighing technology combined with a self-emptying weighing rain sensor, is specially designed for the use in subtropical and tropical climates. The highly sensitive measuring principle of the precipitation meter meets the requirements of the WMO guidelines and delivers accurate measured values in real time for both quantity and intensity of liquid precipitation in the range of 0.001 to 720 mm/h.
The  rain gauge has a low power consumption and is an accurate measuring instrument even under extreme weather conditions. A usually prescribed annual calibration can be carried out with the aid of a reference weight and is therefore more accurate than the usual calibration procedure using water volume.



  • Percipitation intensity and amount in real-time from 0.001 to 720 mm/h
  • Weighing principle with Tipping Bucket
  • Continuous and consistent rain monitoring technology with cumulative data output according WMO guide line No 8
  • SDI-12 / RS-485, pulse, analog output
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  • Small size - installation on 2" tube.
  • Available with 200 or 314 cm² collection opening.
  • Intensity and total data output according to WMO guideline no. 8 with measuring range from 0.001 to 720 mm/h.
  • Compensation of temperature and wind errors by internal filter algorithm.
  • Various data interfaces (SDI-12, RS-485, pulse output) for easy system integration.
  • Configurable via USB port.
  • Solid design for high MTBF.
  • Self-emptying measuring system allows unattended long-term use.
  • Low power consumption enables operation with solar power supply.

    For precipitation measurement networks:

    • In urban areas
    • Of Scientific Research Programmes
    • Of Flood warning systems
    • For the calibration of weather radar data
    • As replacement for manual control precipitation measurement methods
    Ambient relative humidity 0 ... 100 % RH
    Protection class Load cell: IP 67 / instrument: IP 64
    Wind Speed Survival 60 m/s
    General Data
    Recordable percipitation Liquid
    Collecting area 200 cm²
    Capacity 0.2 mm bucket, self-emptying
    Sensor type Weighing precipitation gauge
    Sensor element Hermetic sealed load cell
    Measurging range
    EMC/EMI and Norms
    EMC/EMI EN 61000-4-3, CE conform
    RoHS 2011/65/EU
    Norms WMO-No 8, VDI 3786 Bl. 7
    Percipitation 0.001 to 720 mm/h (28 inches/h)
    Resolution 0.001 mm / 0.001 mm/h (0.00004 inches)
    Accuracy ± 0.1 mm or ± 3% ± 0.1 mm / min ±6mm/h or ±3 %
    Electrical parameters
    Electronics 9.8 to 32 VDC / 160 mW (SDI-12 & pulse output)
    USB Configuration / Service-Mode
    Serial interface SDI-12 / RS-485 2-wire
    Baud rate 1200 (SDI-12) / 2400 to 19200 baud (RS485)
    Pulse output 0.01 / 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 / 1.0 mm
    Status output Rain yes/no
    Analogue output 0/4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 2/5 V
    Data output
    Real time (RT) Intensity & cumulative precipitation
    Status Operational mode, hardware
    Output interval 1 min (intensity) / 1 to 60 minutes
    Output formats SDI-12 V1.3 : metric & imperial units / RS-485 (galvanic isolated): ASCII.TXT and MODBUS
    Mechanical parameters
    Dimension (Ø x h) 292 mm x 190 mm
    Weight 2.5 kg
    ring, funnel, plate Aluminum alloy
    Load cell Stainless steel
    Bucket Monolithic
    Mounting/Installation Ø 2"/ 60mm
    Environmental conditions
    Operating temperature 0 ... +70 °C
    Storing temperature -50 ... +70 °C
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