ISE Ammonia

ISE Ammonia Sensor for Hydrolab Water Quality Sondes

ISE Ammonia Sensor for Hydrolab Sondes. ISE is a reference electrode immersed in a solution of fixed ion concentration separated by a membrane containing a chemical compound that reacts with the ion of interest, measuring electrical potential that varies with concentration.

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  • Applications for Hydrolab’s Ammonia ISEs include tracing the movement of point- or non-point source pollutants (for instance, runoff from agricultural operations), monitoring aquaculture projects for excessive waste concentrations, and surveying nutrient levels in natural water bodies.
  • Ammonia - high levels of accessible nitrogen, of which total ammonia is one form, can lead to an overabundance of microorganisms, often resulting in mortality to higher organisms (such as fish and shrimp) because of depleted dissolved oxygen.
Ammonia Sensor
Range 0 ... 100 mg/L-N
Accuracy Greater of ± 5% of reading,
or ± 2 mg/L-N
Resolution 0.01 mg/L-N
Max Depth 15 m
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